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Fulbore CA glue - Essentials Pack

Fulbore CA glue - Essentials Pack

FulBore Essentials Pack contains the 3 bottles of ICKYSTICKY glues that you'l find most useful when building any of our kits or using our other resin products in builds.


  • 1x Medium CA 20gm
  • 1x Foam Safe Thick 20gm
  • 1x Foam Safe 20gm
  • 1x Twin pack Activator & Debonder
  • 1x Flexi Tip Extenders (30 Pack)


Please Use CA glues sparingly. Exposed glue will lead to blooming (the white crystal looking stuff that sometimes shows its ugly head as the glue cures over time)


My advice is to use the Foam Safe CA Glues and the Medium CA as your go-to multi-purpose glues.  Foam Safe has low-blooming characteristics, so wont leave the white crystal residue that CA glues leave sometimes.  Thin CA glue (and even Medium sometimes) tends to be too thin and runs/bleeds/wicks, so use the Thick where you don't want the glue to bleed/run.  Use the Foam Safe glue on all clear components because of its low-blooming qualities.

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