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Holden Red Motor Block - Multiple Capacity

Holden Red Motor Block - Multiple Capacity

This Part is part of the Holden Red Motor Kit.  Multiple cubic inch capacities available.  All parts are separated for ease of painting.


PLEASE NOTE: NORMAL MODEL GLUE DOES NOT WORK WITH 3D PRINT RESIN.  We recommend  ICKYSTICKY CA Glues as we've found they are superior to other CA glues.  To make it easy, we have them in stock.


  • rocker cover
  • head
  • block
  • sump
  • timing cover
  • water pump
  • starter motor
  • alternator
  • harmonic balance
  • air filter
  • oil filter
  • intake manifold with Bendix Stromberg WW carburettor
  • exhaust manifold
  • cooling fan
  • fuel pump
  • radiator hoses x2


In all, 17 parts.  The kit will require minor sanding, and clean up.

PriceFrom $5.50

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