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351C (Clevo) with Blowershop 871 Blower

351C (Clevo) with Blowershop 871 Blower

Thanks to Hypoformance Race Engines & Engineering in Gosford for letting me scan his awesome burnout car engine.


See PRODUCT INFO below for what's included in this kit.


All photos of resin products are 1:25.  They look even better at 1:18!!


PLEASE NOTE: NORMAL MODEL GLUE DOES NOT WORK WITH 3D PRINT RESIN.  We recommend  ICKYSTICKY CA Glues as we've found they are superior to other CA glues.  To make it easy, we have them in stock.


All parts are separated for ease of painting.


  • Areoflow Air filters x2
  • Demon Carburetor x2
  • Carbutetor adapter plate (riser)
  • TBS 871 blower
  • Hi-ram intake manifold
  • Performance Headers
  • Block
  • Heads
  • Billet rocker covers
  • Sump
  • Timing cover, pulleys, belts, water pump, alernator as one piece
  • Starter motor
  • Oil filter

The kit requires some minor filing, and clean up.

These kits are SOMETIMES made to order, so handling time of 1 week minimum may be required.

PriceFrom $3.95

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